15 March 2024

The 744 Experience – A Flight Simulator Like No Other

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A small team of aviation enthusiasts and industry professionals have transformed a Boeing 747 upper deck fuselage section, complete with a fully equipped flight deck, into a state-of-the-art flight simulator. Their mission was to create a flight simulator which was realistic to an actual flight in a 747.  

Sourcing Real Aircraft Components

First conceptualised in late 2020, the sourcing of this Boeing 747’s upper deck with us was a crucial step towards creating an authentic experience. The 744 experience goes beyond basic flight simulation by offering participants a look into the operational mechanics of a Boeing 747-400. 

The 744 Experience brings to life every control and switch, allowing participants to experience both standard flight operations and handle unexpected scenarios, such as system failures and emergencies. The simulator also features: 

  • A 220° visual display that wraps around for immersive views. 
  • High-definition projection that brings visuals to life. 
  • Comprehensive training on various procedures, enhancing the realism of the experience. 

Choose Your Simulation Experience

This simulator is designed for everyone, from aviation enthusiasts eager to learn about piloting a Boeing 747 to professionals aiming to refine their skills. If you choose, you can have skilled operators and instructors guiding the way and no prior flying experience is needed.

The 744 Experience is the only fully operational fixed base flight simulator and upper deck experience in the UK. If you’re an avid Boeing enthusiast, we encourage you to pre-book your session and get ready for a detailed exploration of what it’s like to pilot one of the most famous aircraft in aviation history.

Are you looking to create an aircraft flight simulator with authentic plane parts?

Get in touch with the Plane Reclaimers team for expert guidance and support sourcing real aircraft components.

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