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How we enable set designers and film producers to transport audiences into an immersive and believable environment.

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Set design is a crucial element in the entertainment industry, as it helps to transport audiences into a different world and bring the story to life. It requires a lot of creativity and resourcefulness to create an immersive and believable environment, and set designers often turn to unusual sources for inspiration and materials. One such source is used aircraft material that we have available, which can be repurposed to create unique and realistic sets.

Aircraft material has several properties that make it desirable for set design. It is durable, lightweight, and often has an industrial or futuristic aesthetic that can add an edge to a set or even the latest virtual reality environment. Additionally, because aircraft are highly regulated and maintained, the materials used in their construction are typically of high quality and in good condition, even if the aircraft itself is no longer airworthy – and that’s where we’re proud to step in.

When it comes to supporting Film and TV production, Plane Reclaimers has played a leading role in the likes of BBCs Doctor Who and Sherlock. The entire production and film crew were accommodated at our premises for the filming of a scene, and it was all accomplished discreetly, in a location at which the public have no access!

Throughout our history, the BBC team have also hired and purchased aircraft parts to take to their studios and use as props, when a sci-fi / aviation image is required.

Pinewood Films have also used one of our aircraft hulls as a prop for filming, loaning it for a period to use at the adjacent Picketston site, which has been used by production companies as a film location over many years.

Let’s not forget about our very own Hollywood Hall of Fame feature ‘Plane Reclaimers’ produced by Monster Films and showcased through a 10-part series on QUEST!

Set designers have long been known for their resourcefulness and creativity, and the use of aircraft material in set design is just one example of this. The durability, lightweight, and industrial aesthetic of aircraft parts make them a desirable choice for creating unique and realistic sets that transport audiences to different worlds. As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how set designers continue to incorporate unconventional materials into their work.

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