Aviation Design Competition

Win a genuine RB211 Stage 1 Fan Blade from the iconic Boeing 747, worth £649.99!

Are you an imaginative individual with a keen an eye for design? Do you want to take on the challenge of upcycling a genuine piece of aircraft? Here is how to enter:

  1. Visit our St Athan facility or choose from any of the aircraft material on (or off) our website
  2. Get creative! Design your project on paper, screen, or any other way you can think of…
  3. Need inspo? Check out the bespoke pieces we have been working on from the gallery below!
  4. Submit your design by the 1st March, 2022 to [email protected] using the title: “Aviation Design Competition”

Tip: credit will be given for originality, functionality, aesthetics and productivity (ability to productionise your design).

If you require any further pictures, info, weight, dimensions etc, just get in touch with us using [email protected]