Please note these are unserviceable, aviation memorabilia parts and must not be fitted to airworthy airplanes or other aircraft.

A319 Window Cut with Glass


Project piece for a clock/picture frame/faux window. They would look particularly good sanded back to their base aluminium and polished, or appropriate paint restorers and polish could be used to spruce up that authentic paintwork. Example images only. You are buying 1 (one) window cut.

Confirming the identity of the aircraft these came from is not possible we’re afraid. They’re long lost items rescued from Chicken’s ‘coop’ in a recent re-shuffle. That’ll be lost on anyone who hasn’t seen the Plane Reclaimers TV series, suffice to say it’d be a shame not to see them turned into something special.

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Condition may vary from example images shown. Some have wear and tear scratching and pitting to glass/paintwork which could be polished out. Window panes can be separated to clean moisture/debris accumulated through storage. These cuts will be deburred prior to shipping.

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