Please note these are unserviceable, aviation memorabilia parts and must not be fitted to airworthy airplanes or other aircraft.

British Airways G-CIVU B747 Polished Pylon Forward Fairing


G-CIVU B747 Polished Pylon Forward Fairing

What says Speedbird better than ordering one of these polished beauties from the Queen of the skies. I’m already imagining popping lights into one as an uplighter. Possibilities.. possibilities.. and all with that gorgeous feel of pure power and speed about it.

Some of the gallery images show partially polished fairings to show contrast from the original condition. The main surface of these fairings if fully polished.

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These are in as removed condition with the main surface polished.

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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 105 × 50 × 26 cm

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