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Repurposed material supports ecube HQ revamp.

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Repurposing aircraft materials into furniture is a trend that is gaining popularity around the world. With an increasing number of decommissioned aircraft, parts, and surplus airframe material available, it has become a great opportunity for designers to create unique and stylish furniture that is not only functional but also supportive towards aviation’s circular economy.

Every aircraft provides a vast source of materials, ranging from aluminium, titanium, and carbon fibre. These materials are known for their durability, strength, and lightweight properties, making them perfect for furniture or even interior structures.

One of the most popular types of furniture made from aircraft materials is chairs. The sleek lines and minimalist design of aircraft seating make them perfect for creating stylish office meeting room chairs, and that’s one way we have supported ecube with their recent HQ revamp.

Another standout feature of the new space has been the addition of a sturdy and sleek boardroom table. Measuring an impressive 13 feet by 12 feet and utilises winglets at its base alongside an A330 flap track acting as the supporting leg.

With the chrome polished, branding wrapped, and additional LED lighting added for the finishing touches, the piece certainly has BIG impact.

Before reaching the boardroom however, you are greeted by a reception space filled with repurposed goods. From an engine cowling turned into a reception desk, to a Boeing 747 Wheel Coffee Table and even cuts of fuselage used as wall structures to create a welcoming waiting space.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal, repurposing aircraft materials into furniture has environmental benefits as well. By using materials that would otherwise be discarded or recycled, we are able to reduce waste and give new life to these materials.

With the range of materials available from decommissioned aircraft, the possibilities for furniture design are endless. From chairs and boardroom tables, to coffee tables and more, the use of these materials in furniture design is a trend that is here to stay.

Take a look at our full range of repurposed aircraft furniture here.

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