Authentic Aircraft Memorabilia

Authentic aircraft memorabilia from Boeing and Airbus. Shop plane parts and gifts for pilots, cabin crew and aviation enthusiasts.

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Own a piece of aviation history, aircraft material from Airbus: a318, a319, a320 and a321.

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Aircraft / plane parts and memorabilia for sale. British Airways 747, Virgin Atlantic, easyJet, Lufthansa and more of your favourite airlines.

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Aircraft material straight from disassembly to your door

Plane Reclaimers is the original aviation memorabilia shop. Bringing you authentic aircraft material from all your favourite airlines…

We disassemble retired aircraft owned by some of the world’s most iconic airlines! Your one-stop shop for authentic memorabilia from iconic Boeing, Airbus and other aircraft that you love and have flown on.

Once dismantled, our aircraft material has been purchased by many aviation enthusiasts or upcycled into bespoke pieces of furniture. Some of our unique plane parts have even found their way onto film sets! The sky really is the limit. How will you treasure yours? Shop all aviation gifts and plane parts here:

Boeing 747 Wheel Coffee Table, made from a genuine B747 landing gear. Aircraft gifts for aviation lovers, pilots and cabin crew.

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