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In an exclusive collaboration, Plane Reclaimers and Brussels Airlines bring you a rare collection of aviation memorabilia. Each piece tells the story of the iconic Trident aircraft, a symbol of Belgian pride.

The Legacy of Trident

The Trident plane, an Airbus A320, has been more than just an aircraft; it’s been a flying ambassador for Belgian sportsmanship and unity.

As it transitions to Trident 2.0, we honor its legacy by transforming parts of the original aircraft into remarkable memorabilia. The Airbus A320-214, registered as OO-SNA and famously known as “Trident,” is a remarkable aircraft with a storied history. Delivered to Brussels Airlines on February 18, 2011, it quickly became a symbol of national pride.

In April 2016, Trident was painted in the “Belgian Icons – Red Devils” special colors, celebrating Belgium’s national football team, the Red Devils. This aircraft, with its unique livery, represented not just the airline but also the spirit of Belgian sportsmanship and unity. Serving until May 2021, Trident’s legacy continues as its parts are now transformed into exclusive memorabilia, allowing fans and aviation enthusiasts to own a piece of this iconic aircraft.

“Since 2016, the Belgian Red Devils have been cruising in style with OO-SNA, aka Trident, the 3rd Belgian Icon of Brussels Airlines and a nod to the national soccer team. For over 6 years, it ruled the European skies. In 2023 it made room for Trident 2.0, not only including the Belgian Red Devils, but also the Red Flames. However, the original Trident isn’t fading into oblivion.

Aviation and football lovers now have the chance to own a tangible piece of the plane through a collaboration between Brussels Airlines and Plane Reclaimers.”

Brussels Airlines

Sustainability in Every Piece

Through our Reuse-Repurpose-Recycle initiative, we ensure every piece of memorabilia contributes to environmental sustainability and aviation’s circular economy.