Please note these are unserviceable, aviation memorabilia parts and must not be fitted to airworthy airplanes or other aircraft.
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A320 HS-PGU Window Cut


Window cuts removed from Aircraft Reg HS-PGU

Huge variation in colours and patterns owing to this uniquely liveried plane

Neatly trimmed, rounded and deburred


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All of our window cuts are deburred and prepared for you to display

Dimensions :

Length 81cm

Width 43.5cm

Depth 5.5cm (Please allow for some small variation)

Weight : 5KG (Please allow for some small variation)

Due to the nature of material removed from aircraft that have flown, there may be some authentic pitting and scratching that has occurred in operation

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team via our contact form for any further information or advice

Additional information

HS-PGU Windows

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