Please note these are unserviceable, aviation memorabilia parts and must not be fitted to airworthy airplanes or other aircraft.

Aircraft Pod

Customised Aircraft Pod 

Our mission is to re-use, recycle and bring the aviation world into the homes of all it’s admirers.
Plane Reclaimers has explored the possibility of utilising the reuse of fuselage pieces (‘pods’) for what has proved to be a multitude of uses, whether it be 5ft or 45ft we are happy to help.
Retired aircraft have been used for glamping spaces, garden nooks, school libraries and many more.
We are placing this item on our website as an invitation to you to contact us with your requests so that we can help bring them to life!


The wonderful thing about creating a pod for you is exactly that, it’s for you. This means that we can explore as many options as possible. Within the scope for this product is a huge amount of variables, our image catalogue displays only a few.
If you feel like this could be the right thing for you please use the contact form provided or email [email protected] to talk through the options and prices

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