Please note these are unserviceable, aviation memorabilia parts and must not be fitted to airworthy airplanes or other aircraft.
sku: Polish Kit

Plane Reclaimers ‘Paint Reclaimer’ Polishing Kit


By popular demand, we’ve created this handy polishing kit to help you bring back the lustre of our skin squares, window cuts, wing fences… pretty much any item painted with aircraft paint.

With 40ml of each of the solutions provided, there’s enough in the kit to cover the equivalent of approximately 3 to 4 of our window cuts.

Designed to give you the enjoyment of finishing your own items, sometimes dulled by oxidisation from many years of flight, the kit includes:

  • Stage 1, 2 and 3 polishing/finishing solutions.
  • 1 x lint free cleaning cloth.
  • Full instructions.
  • It’s own handy little storage box.


Reclaimers Disclaimer….. It’s not magic and we don’t include any elbow grease… We’ll leave that fun to you!  Follow the instructions to obtain the best results… Unless of course you’re buying one of our windows and would prefer us to do the polishing for you!

See our Window Cut Polishing Service.

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